Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Shutterfest 2019

Shutterfest 2019 

I had the pleasure of attending Shutterfest 2019 as Scott Detweiler's assistant and model. For anyone that has never participated in Shutterfest, I wholeheartedly recommend being a part of Shutterfest 2020. The amount of information you can learn at this event is endless. It's also an excellent networking opportunity and a chance to create art with talented individuals from all around the country. The speakers at this event are some of the best photographers in the United States who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Click here for the Behind the Scenes Video for Shutterfest 2019 :) 

I had the delight of meeting Brian Demint and modeling for his class "Creating on the Fly: Outfitting, Styling, and Shooting Challenge." In this class, Brian taught his students how to create stunning fashion attire out of everyday found material. Great way to save money and create crazy intense new looks! Photographers were provided with a diverse range of materials to work with, broken up into teams to create outfits on their models, were then allowed to shoot the looks they created and at the end of the class was a short fashion runway show. Everyone had a blast. Behind the Scenes photo by !

On some of my minimal downtime (haha) I had the opportunity to take one of Bambi Cantrell's classes that I ended up getting to model for. Her course, "Simply Divine Posing," elegantly highlighted posing techniques alongside the use of light. She taught how the use of shadows and highlights work when posing. She spoke on where her key (primary) light was coming from in her images and how to pose people accordingly. For instance, the part of your body closest to your light source will look the biggest. Shadows diminish something and make it look smaller. Light highlights something and makes it look bigger. She then physically provided excellent examples of this and how it works when posing an individual or a couple to achieve the best shots!

Last but not least, if you did not make it this year, next year take Scott Detweiler's "Conceptual Portrait" class! It is a must :). This is a very hands-on class where photographers have the opportunity to shoot three very diverse models and looks. I of course modeled during this class as the ballerina on set :) Thank you for all that attended! It was a real joy getting to meet you all. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

I feel blessed to have attended this event. I even learned so much just from sitting in the judges' room the first day and listening to the critics they gave on each image. I feel honored that Scott Detweiler's portrait of me won the Grand Imaging Award. I know this is the highest honor an image can receive at this event. Haha, I woke up the morning of the announcement to about 15 different people texting me saying “congratulations” and sleepy me was just like congratulations for what?!?! Then I went on Facebook to find this and of course talked to Scott!
This image also won at 90 at Imaging USA!

Is Elegance Timeless? 
Photo by: Scott Detweiler 
Model: Jennifer Raelynn
HMUA: Katie Krause 


  1. What an amazing time! I feel totally blessed that you can into my life and helped me make an image that took the entire thing! thank you!

    1. Same. I love that photo. Its beautiful. I love all the art we get to create together!

  2. Amazing! Keep rocking it and spreading your knowledge!


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