Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Tips for Models: How to Get Started Part 1

Tips for Models: How to Get Started
Part 1

Everyone has to start somewhere. In this concise blog, I will give you 12 tips on how to get your modeling career started and further be successful in this continually changing industry. Any questions, thoughts, or feedback, please do not hesitate to comment on this blog or reach out personally. I am here to help! This blog will be divided into two parts. Stay tuned for the next 6 tips in the following blog!

1. First and foremost, I recommend contemplating in depth what you are seeking to accomplish as a model in this industry. How do you want to brand yourself? What type of art are you seeking to create? Do you want to shoot fashion? Do you want to shoot swimwear? Do you want to create out-of-the-box edgy art? Do you want to be a brand ambassador? Is your end goal to work freelance or do you want to end up with an agency?

2. Once you have thought about the above questions and narrowed down what your goals are, how you want to brand yourself and what type of work/art you are seeking to create in this industry, I wholeheartedly recommend establishing a "modeling nickname" or moniker that represents you and keeps your real identity hidden. Do not use your full legal name.

3. Once you have decided on the moniker, you would like to brand yourself under permanently, whether you are seeking to work freelance or with an agency, I next recommend building a professional Instagram, Facebook account or Business page and lastly website where you can show your portfolio. These pages should all be under the same name you have chosen. I recommend keeping these pages purely professional. Do not post pictures out drinking, mirror selfies, or even statuses about personal issues or political posts. Have separate accounts for your personal life. Do not blend the two. Building a Blog and Youtube channel also never hurts.

4. Be careful who you work with. Never let someone make you feel uncomfortable. Watch out for red flags when setting up a photo shoot with someone. If they say or do anything that makes you think twice about working with them, the simple answer is DON'T! I further recommend always texting 1-2 trusted friends the address of where you are shooting...especially if it is your first time working with the person and/or it is in a private secluded location such as a hotel or a private residence. SAFETY FIRST! Always prioritize your safety. Perhaps take a friend? Bringing your boyfriend, husband or significant other usually looks terrible and can further be distracting, so maybe a girlfriend or even your mother or another family member?

5. Do not sacrifice your morals or who you are to shoot with someone just for the money. It is not worth it in the long run. Stay true to who you are and the art you are seeking to create. Do not let someone push or manipulate you into shooting something you are not entirely comfortable with. A personal example: Years ago when I first started shooting boudoir, I had someone try to pressure me into doing implied losing the classy lingerie I was wearing. The answer was, "hell, no!" This was not part of what we had spoken about before our shoot, nor was I comfortable shooting that type of material with him. Put your foot down ladies. You are beautiful, and you do not have to take your clothes off to prove that.

6. Build a strong network. Networking in this industry is essential. Seek out people that have a similar mindset, artistic point of view, and even work ethic. Be inspired by other people's work and reach out to those whose work you enjoy and represents the vision you have for what you are seeking to create. Shoot with people who inspire you. Shoot with people whose work you admire. Shoot with people who will challenge you artistically. Shoot with people who will help you grow as an artist.

Ballerina in a beautiful blue dress on pointe performing an arabesque, attitude and double stag jump
Photo by: Scott Detweiler 

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